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Viser innlegg fra august 18, 2008

The true Zweizz - new album and releaseparty

Zweizz is becoming a star. A true star of noise, in the deep dark corners of the evil world of Oslo, Zweizz is making his way to the stage, playing the horn from his balcony at night while friends lay on the sofa drinking beer, trying to relax, but Zweizz plays the horn all night and goes to party with his friends in Nationen , leaving friends to die on the sofa. It is a fucking hard life. The true Zweizz tries to write a book together with his very good friend Anne, the Grunerløkka-VIP-lady. Zweizz has to drink a lot of coffee, meeting with Anne to talk about the plot. They drink tons and tons of coffee and strong drinks, talking about life and death and the horn keeps playing. Fuck that horn, Anne says. Fuck you, Zweizz replies and they start fighting. They fight for hours and hours. The dark, evil night of Oslo turnes blue, then red, then yellow, and the sun rise in the sky while the two of them keep fighting. After four days of fighting, they agree on going on holliday, maybe to