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Viser innlegg fra oktober 4, 2009


.. av og til lurer eg på korleis det går an å skrive etter Kaddish. One time I thought she was trying to make me come lay her -- flirting to herself at sink -- lay back on huge bed that filled most of the room, dress up round her hips, big slash of hair, scars of operations, pancreas, belly wounds, abortions, appendix, stitching of incisions pulling down in the fat like hideous thick zippers -- ragged long lips between her legs -- What, even, smell of asshole? I was cold -- later revolted a little, not much -- seemed perhaps a good idea to try -- know the Monster of the Beginning Womb -- Perhaps -- that w ay. Would she care? She needs a lover. (Utdrag frå Kaddish av Allen Ginsberg).