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Viser innlegg fra september 8, 2008

Travelling by train - part 1

Yesterday I was supposed to ride the night train to Stavanger. I catched a cab, since I am always late for trains/busses/plains, and went to the station. I walked in, looked at the timetable, and thought, wow, I have plenty of time, BUT why have they changed the departure time of my train? Well, Norwegian trains are almost always late, and I went to buy some magazines. I walked to the plattform, sat waiting, thinking; why did I catch a cab? I have plenty of time. I started writing a sms to a friend in Bergen: "Hi, I am on my way to Berge.." Bergen?? Oh shit! This is the train to Bergen, I should have been on the train to Stavanger. I looked at my watch, and started understanding a few things. The train for Stavange left at 22.47, and the train for Bergen left at 23.11... I am still in Oslo.