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Viser innlegg fra september 6, 2008

Destination North - articles from The Barents Region will soon be published

Soon, I will publish my articles from the High North: Norway, Finland and Sweden. They are quite massive. The first will be published September 13., and the rest will follow. I will, in this blogg, get back to where you can read them, but I will not give you more details before the articles hit the news. So what is The High North like? Tourism or industry. Well, I would of course say industry, I like the business, but it is also a magnificent view up there. I love the outdoors, and while riding the bus from Kirkenes, Norway to Rovaniemi, Finland, I thought that I will go back some day, fishing and camping for a few weeks. I watch the DVD called Destination North which I got from Linda B Randal in Kirkenes, Norway. You can get religious from the beautiful sceneries. I also watch the DVD Success in the North, which I got from the Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Rovaniemi, Finland. You can get religious from the exciting industrial development in the Russian parts of the Barentsregion. B