11. aug. 2008

Finland - Oulu - the Finnish language part 2

I was walking in the town of Oulu when I saw this sign. It's a good one, nice picture but hard words. Anyway, I get it.

Then I saw this signs. I thaught maybe it ment: DON'T STEP ON THE GREEN STUFF, and kept walking on the roads, but I later was told this was the name of this place.
Walking by the beautiful rivers, I saw this sign. It was a lot of mosquitos around, and since this sign was placed along the path, I thought maybe it ment something like WATCH OUT - KILLERFLIES, and stopped to think. Should I dare walking this deadly mosquito-walk? I did take the chance, I am still alive, and was later told Potnapekka is the name of a little train that runs along these small roads. It is also the name of some kind of flie.