11. aug. 2008

Finland - Oulu - the Finnish language part 1

I was walking in the streets of Oulu, Finland, when I met this man. He is made of stone and pretty big, I think he is some kind of famous, but I didn't get it. What is he famous for? Maybe someone can help me. At least, he didn't speak.I went on, trying to find something I could read. That was not easy, but I kind of got the idea that there were some books on the third floor. 3.kerros. I went by the lift to the third floor,
and found a lot of newspapers. I still have no idea what happened to Madeleine that day.
But then, I found a book in a language I understand, but about a babe I have no intentions to read about. I went back to the lift, down on the street and met some nice Finnish guys at the Jazzfestival. They really made my days. A city where you know no people, is a city without a soul. Now Oulu has a soul, a good one.