15. aug. 2008

Luleå - ARTs part 1

I like ART, and wherever I go I try to find some good arts. In Luleå I pretty much got astonished by this guy. Dan Lestander "Dreams and wishes".
I am afraid I can not describe this. You have got to see and listen for yourself. Dan Lestanders art at Kulturens hus i Luleå, was just amazing. Here are two pictures from "Aom".

Look at those to pictures. Imagine people coming up from the holes in the ice, slowly, lifting their head, leaning their head back and then singing aaaoooooom. I just can't describe it. Then they slowly sunk down in their hole and another person, man, woman or child, slowly came up, from another hole. It kept going on and on.
You can see some more of Lestanders art at his webpage.

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