15. aug. 2008

Luleå - town, water and a cow

I do not find downtown Luleå very pitoresk, but it is pretty cozy. I like small cities. When I went to New York this easter, there were so many people walking real fast in one direction that I almost got scared. I had jumped off the bus at the wrong station, in the middle of the worst shopping, stressing, walking fast area of the city, and got almost walked down. Nobody walks you down in Luleå. You see, the streets are empty at night. I can also recommend City Park Hotel. Really cozy, good prices and nice staff.

I went for a walk at night. Beautiful sunshine, really nice and quiet. I see why some tourists go here.

I like this poster. It is really nice that this cow feels so at home in bed. I almost get a little tired. This trip has been great.