14. aug. 2008

Luleå - pics and icebreakers

This picture shows one of the pictures I saw, walking in Luleå, Sweden .Luleå - the gate to Norrbotten! It is a pretty small town, a lot of water and a big sky. I love the water, and if I find some nice lakes or rivers, I can sit watching for hours and hours. Just watching the water, the sky and people, if there is any of those around. I have been watching a lot of water on this trip. First in Bodø, Norway, then when travelling by the Hurtigruta along the coast of northern Norway until I got seasick and had to go to bed. For hours I watched the big rivers of Rovaniemi, I thaught they were lakes, but they were rivers. I have no idea of geography, sorry, I just see the beautiful water. I also watched a lot of water in Oulu, Finland. This summer, before I left, I was waterwatching back home in Viksdalen. The lake called Viksdalsvatnet is magic. We have a lot of water where I grew up.
Quite a few pictures were lined up in Luleå. You could see people swimming, bathing, jumping into the sea. Some were just kids, and the pics were taken in the 1930-40-50-something.
This sign tells me about the icebreakers of Luleå. One of the Swedish icebreakers is called Oden. it is a big boat, 108,8 meters. There are three icebreakers in Luleå, and they all have names from nordic mythology.